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The Australian Biofuels and Energy Security Initiative (ABESI)

World Link Partners is a founding member of the Australian Biofuels and Energy Security Initiative.

ABESI is a multi-industry nationwide program to fast-tracking the market restructuring required to enhance the viability of Australia's transition from fossil fuels to a biofuel based economy.

Our work is focused on new value pathways for existing products in the agribusiness bioenergy supply chain, blockchain based logistics management and the implementation of an end-to-end Renewable Guarantee of Origin auditing system. We are co-developing a new thermal capture engine technology called nGeni as part of this program. The nGeni GreenBox is a combined cycle device that can operate off solar, thermal, and external fuel combustion simultaneously.


These elements unlock a substantial liquidity premium in a presently undervalued national infrastructure that will put Australia on a more competitive footing in the global environmental market.

Schematic diagram of renewable energy hub with biodiesel, anaerobic digester, end point users and grid connected generators
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